How is Country of Origin Determined?

How many times have you seen a “Made in China” label on a product? Chances are your answer is “a lot”. This product information  isn’t just a courtesy to the customer. It’s legally required for products imported into and sold in the U.S. But what actually determines country of origin? What really makes something “made” in China, versus say, “assembled” in China?  

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What You Need to Know About Product Certification Marks

If you are producing a product, then you are likely aware that there may be certain safety and quality criteria it needs to meet in order to successfully be marketed and sold. In order to officially prove that your product meets the applicable requirements, you will need to submit it to a third party testing lab to gain product certifications.
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5 Myths About Chinese Factories

The things we read or hear about in the news and media typically play a large part in shaping our perceptions about certain issues. They put generalizations in our minds about what a place or experience is like without us ever having tried it ourselves. This can be great to shed light on issues that we may not otherwise have been aware of, but it can also be misleading. The media tends to favor stories that shock and awe. You may hear stories about a factory accident, but you won’t necessarily hear about the factory that prides itself on its flawless safety record and employee well-being on a daily basis. Unfortunately many people get the wrong idea about what foreign manufacturing industries are really like. We’re here to shed some light on some of these topics.

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Manufacturing Overseas: China vs. Vietnam

Is Vietnam the new China in the manufacturing sector? 

The short answer is not yet. But it does have potential to get there in the future.

China’s economy is changing. It has been for a while. While that may shuffle the cards in the country’s manufacturing sector a bit, it also opens up opportunities for countries like Vietnam to move into a position of being a low-cost manufacturing hub.

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