From Design to Delivery

Working together with our customers, E-BI assists in selecting the right partners for each step of the process. This includes everything from the design of fast prototypes to final packaging. Our network of skilled engineers and designers provides affordable access to professional design engineering support.

Outsourcing product design can free your engineering staff to focus on important R&D projects. We can take a customer’s product concept and design it to their satisfaction, specifications, and budget.

Typical Design Process Steps

  1. Observation and study of the customer or end-user’s needs
  2. Conceptual design
  3. Industrial Design
  4. Function design
  5. Computer simulation and modeling
  6. Fast prototyping
  7. Market testing and modification
  8. Compliance support such as: UL, FCC, CE & FDA

Our Design Center

As part of our expanding customer service program, our Design Center enhances our commitment to innovation. The combination of outstanding engineering talent and cost advantages make our China Design Group an optimal resource for our growing customers. Our team works in conjunction with our U.S.A team to produce and deliver benefits to our customers and end-users.

We have a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team with a successful track record in developing products for our customers. We work across a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, media, education, finance, retail, and fashion.

Our goal is to bring our clients business success. We believe that true innovation arises when talent and spirited intellectual engagement meet business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires.

Industrial Design

Our designers and engineers are experts at getting your idea ready for mass production. Through their knowledge of design, our team can assess the features, ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality of your product to help develop components that appeal to the end user. We work towards creating the best combination of a product that looks great and works well too.

Mechanical Design

Through our mechanical design process, our engineers apply engineering, physics, and material science principals to design a system of mechanisms that satisfies requirements in order for the mechanical components of your product to be able to accomplish what it was intended for. We provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Electronics Design

Electronics are great, but they can also be complicated. This is where our team of highly skilled electronics specialists comes in. Their job is to create a working, reliable, and cost effective solution for an electronics product design concept, based on the various requirements of the customer.

Our experts have helped many clients bring new technologies and updated product designs to life, from concept to manufacturing.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

DFM (design for manufacturing) is the process of designing your product with the goal of making it easy to manufacture. It is a critical manufacturing tooling design and process development step before making a brand new product. If done well, DFM will assure both quality and productivity. This is why our team of engineers and designers are here to make sure your DFM is perfected.

DFM is an important step in the manufacturing process. It makes sure your product can actually be manufactured, it can affect the look, feel, precision, and function of your product, and it can greatly affect your timeline. Our team will work with you to verify each detail of your DFM as much as possible, in order to eliminate potentially costly and time consuming mistakes further along in the process and to improve efficiency.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our main focus is to go from concept to delivery. We work to turn compatible materials into your product in the most efficient, effective, and economic way possible, integrating various sciences, systems, and facilities to product a quality product.