E-BI has invested more and more into state of the art metrology and testing labs for material analysis and reliability testing to provide the most complete QC process. Some examples include mass spectrometers for elemental analysis, environmental simulation chambers for durability testing, and standardized precise color calibration systems to ensure color matching. We add all these values to our contract manufacturing products to assure that our clients get what they require.

Metrology Lab

E-BI metrology lab offers high precision measurement standards of NIST level II traceable. The testing data is vital for international data comparison of product functions. E-BI also provides a working level of measurement equipment to qualify testing data from production.

E-BI key measurement equipment includes:

  • Metal material composition analysis Spark Emission Spectrometer
  • 3D Optical dimension measurement CMM
  • ROHS testing equipment
  • Surface testing on roughness, coating thickness, abrasion testing, gloss meter, cross hatch tester, pencil scratch hardness tester,
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Universal testing machine
  • Most extensive color control standards and equipment sets
  • Electrical ESD Simulator, Hi –pod tester, standard DC power source, oscillator scope.

The section below showcases some of the tests and equipment we utilize to control quality in our metrology lab at our Shenzhen office:

CMM- Coordinate Measuring Machine

CMM measurement for high precision mechanical parts.

Electronics Measurement

Electronics and electrical test and measurement.

Material Spectrum Analyzer

Material spectrum analyzer for metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, and other alloys.

Color Calibration

Color calibration system from Pantone and other standard systems for plastic materials to ensure accurate color of your product.

Mechanical Performance Testing

Mechanical performance testing for material verification.