small batch electronics QC

Did you know?

E-BI testing and metrology laboratories assure product quality and accurate engineering diagnostic results.

To better serve our customers, E-BI has continuously invested in state-of-the-art testing and metrology equipment for our laboratories. The equipment covers a host of measures aimed at improving product quality, including environmental, shipping, electrical, mechanical, electronic, optical, color, aging, and safety tests.

With the equipment, risk of adverse product quality can be minimized, engineering root cause analysis can all be done in real time, and the supply chain clock will run much faster.


Testing Lab

From material level to environmental application, E-BI provides a full range of product testing. Based on client requirements, we also provide extensive failure analysis testing.  These tests include:

  • Mechanical strength and performance test
  • UL, CE, FCC pre and compatibility test
  • Torque and Push/Pull test
  • UV aging test
  • Salt spray test
  • Temperature and humidity cycling test
  • Vibration test
  • Cross-section analysis, cutting and polishing
  • ESD test
  • Roughness and hardness test
  • Material composition test
  • Color matching test
  • Optical inspection

The section below showcases some of the tests and equipment we utilize to control quality in our Shenzhen Quality Testing Lab:

Environmental and Reliability Testing

Temperature and moisture testing system for environmental and reliability tests.

Aging Testing

UV testing chamber for aging test.

Quality and Failure Analysis

Cross section cutting and polishing for quality and failure analysis.

Electrical Performance Testing

High voltage electrical shock test for electrical performance.