How is a Batch of Customized Products Manufactured?

You’ve placed an order and you’re ready to get your custom product manufactured. Now what? What are the next steps in the process?

After an order is placed and confirmed, E-BI will dedicate a project team to your product. They will hold a kick-off meeting to discuss the timeline and product manufacturing specifications, such as detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) lists, Continue reading “How is a Batch of Customized Products Manufactured?”

How to Manage Supply Chain Risk

In the modern age of business, technology has made the world more interconnected than ever. This interconnectedness creates many new opportunities. Companies can now source from virtually anywhere in the world, and can create more efficient international supply chains. A company with international relationships, if applied properly, can have distinct competitive advantages such as lower material cost, operational costs, more equipment, labor, and manufacturing expertise. As a result, it can dedicate more effort to their core business.

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How to Manage Overseas Subcontractors

Even without including cultural and language barriers, managing subcontractors overseas is a complicated and challenging task. In addition, oversea subcontractors, especially low cost regions like China, have their unique issues. However, the good news is by identifying and properly handling these issues, they can be resolved and a smooth operating supply chain can be achieved.

At the fundamental level, a product is Continue reading “How to Manage Overseas Subcontractors”